About StandBagger

standbagger-logoAs a professional photographer I saw a lack in light stand bag products for the location photographer. I wanted to make a quality product that looked good and provided for both organization and protection. The Original Rollup StandBagger was the result. Here are several things designed into this product:

  • The interior nylon lining protects the bag and makes it easy to slide the stands in or out of the pockets.
  • The equipment doesn’t “bang around”, but is cinched up tightly.
  • It’s easy to organize umbrellas and different kinds of stands so that they are easily and quickly accessed.
  • A lot of equipment can be transported or stored in the bag.

As improved technology has changed the way that we approach lighting a job, bag needs have changed too. The Grab ‘n Go reflects the new and different needs of today’s photographers. Here are some of the helpful things about the Grab’n Go:

  • The Grab ‘n Go can carry two speedlights, two umbrellas and two stands.
  • The bag length was designed to carry stands with umbrella swivels still attached.
  • The photographer can unload the stand and attach the umbrella and flash very quickly.
  • Strobe pockets are padded for protection.

The third and newest addition to the StandBagger family  is the Prism. This prism shaped bag allows for:

  • Storage of multiple stands of different sizes
  • Storage of tripods
  • 3 interior straps, sewed to bottom of the bag allow equipment to be strapped together, minimizing jostling of stands within the bag.
  • Zippered top

So there is an overview of StandBagger products. More detailed information is available on this website to help you decide which bags(s) will best meet your needs. Best to each of you as you’re out on location getting that perfect shot!

Steve Burns


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