Photo Light Stand Bags – Three Original Styles

  • grabngo

  • hp_gng2 


  • hp_gng1


  • HP_GNG3

  • prism

  • hp_prism1


  • hp_prism3

  • prism


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  • rollup

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  • hp_oru3

  • Grab 'n Go - Over-the-shoulder
  • Grab 'n Go - Holds 2 stands, 2 umbrellas, 2 or more strobes
  • Grab 'n Go - Holds 2 stands, 2 umbrellas, 2 or more strobes
  • PRISM - Length = 43" (109cm)
  • PRISM - Carry light stands and tripod together.
  • PRISM - Carry light stands and tripod together.
  • PRISM - Carry light stands and tripod together.
  • Original Roll Up - Wrap around handle
  • Original Roll Up - Individual pockets
  • Original Roll Up - Individual pockets
PHOTOGRAPHERS…Are you searching for a better way of storing or transporting your equipment? If you are ready to move up from that old duffel bag or those bungee cords wrapped around your light stands, then get a StandBagger.  StandBaggers are the simple solution to light stand problems! They were created to effectively protect, organize, and transport your light stands and umbrellas. Designed by photographers and constructed with an emphasis on quality, these “Made in America” products are now available in three uniquely different families. Check out dimensions and other bag-specific information on the “Products” pages to determine which bag(s) best meets your specific needs. Protect and organize your equipment, be more efficient on location,  and project a more professional image with a StandBagger! mad in america      


  • My model 8 grab n go bag arrived today. I must say I am very impressed with the quality of your product and the ease of order and delivery. It is exactly as described on your website and meets my requirements perfectly.
    Hamish (Scotland, UK) (January 2016)
  • Received my Prisim bag today..
        Thank you very much ..very pleased with it. Nice to have all the
        lighstands away and tidy.
    Gary Barringer (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

  • I purchased the Model 6 last week and I love it! It holds my compact tripod, two light stands, two umbrellas, and two umbrella swivel brackets. For times when I don't need the tripod, I can put two flashes in its place, possibly along with some smaller accessories. All in all, the bag is a very functional, convenient, and high-quality product that I won't hesitate to recommend.
    Michael Y. (Danbury, CT)

  • I hope you are selling ****loads of these PRISM bags because they are the BEST product, smartly constructed and rarely seen quality. GOOD WORK!!!! Vincent Penoso (Alexandria, VA)

  • "Just a note to let you know how good your product is.(Grab ‘n Go Model 6) Strong , well made , versatile , very well design , just what I needed. The friends i have told about your product , are also buying it from you and very satisfied. Thanks too for your prompt service. Since I bought it , I’ve used it for 3 weddings and i’m very happy."

    Julio (Hormigueros, Puerto Rico)

  • Just recently ordered the Model 6, and WOW.Never have I been so impressed with such a simple idea and bag.It carries my lightstands so much better than what I had previously.It also looks very profesional,wich is very important in making a first impression when I'm on the go and shooting.Thanks a lot Steve for coming up with this and giving me such a great addition to my setup.Couldn't be happier.
    Mario (Glenwood, NJ)

  • Steve, Just wanted to let you know that I’m very happy with my Standbagger. The first time I took it out on a job I just put it on the floor and rolled it out. I felt more organized, and also felt like setting up went more quickly. Also got some comments that the Standbagger looked really nice, and was really functional (and it really is functional). Your product is really built solid, and your pricing is very reasonable.
    Paul H (Charleston, SC)

  • Steve, Your bag (Model 13 rollup) arrived today - I am amazed at how quickly it was delivered !!!
    It is fantastic, fits my gear perfectly and I love the design - all in all a great product. Thanks for the awesome service.
    Brett (Melbourne, Australia)
    (StandBagger Note:--- 5 days from Los Angeles to Australia!)

  • I received the standbagger last week and finally got to put it to use. great product! such a simple and elegant solution and so much easier and more organized than the bags i've been using. dunno how the big bag companies haven't figured this one out yet...but i'm glad they haven't! leaves room for your inexpensive and well-made bags. hope your business is successful and i'll cheerfully recommend them to all who ask. great customer service and shipping as well!
    ... i'm very pleased with my bag. right now it carries 2 avenger A625 8' stands, 1 avenger reflector holder, 1 45" photek softlighter II and 1 32" photogenic eclipse umbrella and does so with ease and convenience. i'm sure you'll have no problem finding a market for your model 6. cheers... 
    thanks again.
    dave (Vancouver, British Columbia)

  • Steve, Thank you for the very prompt service. The Standbagger appears well made and designed, and I am very pleased with it. 
    Richard (Traverse City, MI)

  • Hi Steve, I just wanted to thank you for getting my order shipped out so quickly. It came in yesterday, and is even better than I expected. I'll be sure to send anyone asking your way!
    Eric (Hollis, NH)

  • Hi Steve. I am a repeat customer. I bought a model 8 last year at about this time to carry my 8 foot stands and umbrellas. I've since upgraded to studio strobes and the relatively beefier 13 foot stands and there was no doubt, whatsoever, that to hold my new stands there was only one place to go. Your product's build quality, materials, and attention to detail are oustanding.
    Adam (Wellington, CO)